The Suffolk Kitchen, Cheltenham

Can you judge an eaterie on its fishfinger sandwich?

This was what I wondered to myself after a fantastic one at The Suffolk Kitchen. Well I think you can, when it’s constructed from thick doorstop wedges of homemade white bread, housing hot crunchy fillets of flaky white fish, oozing with creamy homemade tartare, yes you can. Oh, and not forgetting the triple cooked chips.

Good enough to eat?

And by my reckoning, if you can’t, this fish finger sandwich certainly paves the way to the possibility that, The Suffolk Kitchen really is quite likely to be, very good indeed! The homemade burger that ‘The Man’ ravaged was apparently delicious and the excellent children’s menu that ‘The Boy’ chose from was equally well received.

The place certainly looks the part with a modern, bright interior, Welsh tapestry upholstered banquette seating and cool art.

light & brightAnd in addition to all this, is the simple but perfectly formed wine list, offering a range of wines from £2.50 a glass. Now, I’m no wine buff but I’m no fool either and I’ve had many a meal in Cheltenham where plonk is poured at horribly over-inflated prices. We all know the approximate price of a familiar bottle of wine and it does gall to pay over the odds for the privilege of drinking it in a restaurant. So well done to The Suffolk Kitchen for playing fair!

I’m definitely going to, ‘watch this space’ and would love to hear other reviews of Cheltenham’s promising new addition.

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4 Responses to The Suffolk Kitchen, Cheltenham

  1. annie says:

    Charlie it’s so great to read this. Katy Dymond seems to hang out here all the time, she loves it. She says it’s great for brunch too? Cheltenham is a bit of a dearth for decent modern restaurants and it makes me very happy to hear a new one has opened up that is good. I hope you’ve told them you wrote about them!

    PS How lovely to see Marlene from chocolatecookiesandcandies on here! She’s really lovely, I speak to her quite a lot. She posted an amazing recipe for peking duck yesterday xx

  2. Jamie McNee says:

    Hi Charlie, just been for Brunch after reading your review! I had the full english, as a well travelled sales rep, i thought it would be a good bench mark on which to review their locally sourced ingredients. It was an 8/10, largely due to the beans not coming from the heinz vintage! Clare had the eggs benedict, and her eggs were not runny, this was quickly put right and came out perfect 2nd time around. The chef sent his apologies and blamed it on the hens age, the poor old girl! Great coffee accompanied by Sweet Child of Mine on strings over the sound system, not a bad way to start the day! Jamie x

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