The great Norwood st Delicatessen, Cheltenham


I’d kind of decided that my blogging days (short lived as they were) were over; a combination of lack of time and a low frustration threshold had doomed my blogging destiny…but I’ve recently been a bit inspired by an awesome food blog ‘’. The author is a damn funny woman called Esther Walker, who blogs about food in a very frivolous manner while sharing a bit of ‘women’s angst’, she’s brilliant, check her out.

Anyhow I’m not going to try to copy her but it did get me thinking about getting back to ‘it’ and a trip to a local deli spurred me on today. There are a number of ‘rather pricey’ little deli’s in Cheltenham, that are probably still mourning the arrival of ‘Wholefoods’ to the Cheltenham fold. But a new arrival in The Suffolks is definately worth a detour away from the lure of Kingsditch (who ever thought said ditch would have a lure!).

‘The Great Norwood Delicatessen’, is small but perfectly formed and is as lovely inside as it appears from it’s doors. My particular excitement today was the discovery that it sells small trays of Canolli, a Sicilian fried pastry dough with a sugary ricotta filling…hell they’re gorgeous. Perfect with a coffee and you can get a whole one in your mouth at once.


And if that doesn’t interest you, the new arrival of Alex James’ cheese surely will. enjoy!


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1 Response to The great Norwood st Delicatessen, Cheltenham

  1. Cindy says:

    Hello. It’s been 2 months. Looking forward to your next post. Get a move on!

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