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The great Norwood st Delicatessen, Cheltenham

I’d kind of decided that my blogging days (short lived as they were) were over; a combination of lack of time and a low frustration threshold had doomed my blogging destiny…but I’ve recently been a bit inspired by an awesome … Continue reading

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The Suffolk Kitchen, Cheltenham

Can you judge an eaterie on its fishfinger sandwich? This was what I wondered to myself after a fantastic one at The Suffolk Kitchen. Well I think you can, when it’s constructed from thick doorstop wedges of homemade white bread, … Continue reading

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Soushi, Cirencester

I’ve always thought of Cirencester as being rather like Cheltenham’s little sister, hidden behind the somewhat overbearing  shadow that the larger town casts. Cheltenham is generally considered the hub of the Cotswolds, with the racing, clubs, bars and restaurants and has always been rather showy-offy about it. But over … Continue reading

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