About ‘Travels with my Knife & Fork’

Hi, I’m Charlie Bexson and ‘Travels with my Knife & Fork’,  is where I write about fabulous food in fantastic places. When I find the opportunity to travel, food is always the pivot of my adventures and my memories are catalogued and then triggered by the restaurants we discovered and the dishes experienced and shared within them. And of course sometimes the discovery happens upon you by magic, on your own doorstep and these of course are perhaps the best discoveries of all!


4 Responses to About ‘Travels with my Knife & Fork’

  1. Claire Forrest says:

    You’ve made me want to go to Bologna! Sounds like you had a fab time. Am loving the photo of the naked female statue. xx

  2. annie says:

    Great blog Charlotte! Really enjoying reading it, can’t wait for more posts. Surprising how enjoyable savouring food vicariously through someone else can be xx great imagery xx

  3. Simon Collingridge says:

    Hi Charlie!
    Charlotte and I have loved reading you’re words about great food and wonderful places, very inspirational. Can’t wait for more!


    • Thanks you guys! I’m pleased you enjoy it…I’m a beginner blogger but it’s really fun and makes me appreciate the special places even more than before- be lovely to catch up soon x

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