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The Stagg Inn @ Titley, Herefordshire

The weeks preceding Christmas were a very frustrating time for myself last year, as Mike refused to offer any present suggestions…the truth being I suppose, that he didn’t really need anything! (This never seems to happen to me.) Anyhow I … Continue reading

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Soushi, Cirencester

I’ve always thought of Cirencester as being rather like Cheltenham’s little sister, hidden behind the somewhat overbearing  shadow that the larger town casts. Cheltenham is generally considered the hub of the Cotswolds, with the racing, clubs, bars and restaurants and has always been rather showy-offy about it. But over … Continue reading

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Matusel Ristorante: when restaurants test relationships

My other half and I have a double act we like to perform when visiting new and unfamiliar places. This usually involves a moonless night, unlit back streets in the wrong end of town, google maps and intermittent/no phone reception. What ensues is … Continue reading

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Ristorante Anna Maria, Via Delle Belle Arti

It was a joyous moment when Carlos (the apartment landlord) casually remarked that, ‘ze beste chefe ine Bologna’, was simmering, stewing, baking and broiling below our very noses. It’s a dream come true really: You struggle to find the ‘right’ accommodation but when you eventually … Continue reading

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Beautiful Bologna

There’s something wonderful about an Autumn trip. As the days are shortening, leaves turning and chill beginning to bite in Blighty, a weekend in the mediterranean is just a tiny turn-back of the clock, the summer just passed and somehow … Continue reading

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