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Matusel Ristorante: when restaurants test relationships

My other half and I have a double act we like to perform when visiting new and unfamiliar places. This usually involves a moonless night, unlit back streets in the wrong end of town, google maps and intermittent/no phone reception. What ensues is … Continue reading

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Ristorante Anna Maria, Via Delle Belle Arti

It was a joyous moment when Carlos (the apartment landlord) casually remarked that, ‘ze beste chefe ine Bologna’, was simmering, stewing, baking and broiling below our very noses. It’s a dream come true really: You struggle to find the ‘right’ accommodation but when you eventually … Continue reading

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Beautiful Bologna

There’s something wonderful about an Autumn trip. As the days are shortening, leaves turning and chill beginning to bite in Blighty, a weekend in the mediterranean is just a tiny turn-back of the clock, the summer just passed and somehow … Continue reading

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